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Posted by admin su dicembre 7, 2010

The School, which reached its V edition in august 2010, was founded by a group of academic women  experienced in various branches of study and research like philosophy, economics,anthropology,right and politics to prepare women to face the problems  concerning women in Europe , in the Mediterranen region ,East and Middle east. The school was conceived by a scientific committee inside the cultural association named Peoples, Rights an Cultures under the direction of Dr.Magda Tomei who coordinates the seminars. The aim of the Summer School is to work in nets with women who live in different parts of the world and want to improve their economical situations to fight injustice and poverty and avoid discrimination at any level they are operating.The School started in 2006 to study Anthropology and Right under a gender point of view, in relation to Women of the Mediterranean area.We continued analysing the various religions and the  religious influence on women. We focused women’s  efforts to enter business and economics world.Strictly connected with these topics we started to consider communication at the basis of women success.And the latest two subjects we treated as fundamental have been “The respect of Right and Rights at the root of a new model of economics” followed by the latest seminar that was about Sustainable growth and gender differences .We are looking for contacts and collaborative actions with foundations and associations  which are involved on the same specific field.


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